So you have decided on a night out and you want to maximize your fun. A timeless tradition for many, is the age-old experience of a night Bar-hopping. 

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1. Map Out A Plan

The first thing to do is to map out where you can hit the most bars within walking distance of each other (rideshares increase their prices at night when people are out partying). I recommend using a trusted source like I love being able to look at a map and figure out how close everything is.

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2. Proper Bar Etiquette

Always remember that once you’re out, becoming “cool” with the bartender is the fastest way to a good time. 

  • Never say “Surprise me”:
    On a busy night bartenders are moving fast and the last thing they need is to be guessing at what you like.
  • Instead try “How about making me your specialty”:
    This puts the bartender in a good mood because you are showing that you trust their ability to make you a phenomenal cocktail. This will always guarantee that special care is taken with your drink; because you just gave them the incentive to shine. Trust me they want to impress.
  • Never wave money around while yelling out your drink order:
    Your bartender is a professional and is making multiple drinks and dealing with multiple customers. You never want to be that guy. Don’t cut them off while they are talking to another customer and don’t scream your drink order at them. Be patient. You’ll get your drink and the overall experience will be better for all involved.
  • Try to engage the bartender or staff in casual conversation to show that you see them as a person, not just a servant. If you decide to come back they will remember.
  • Don’t ask the bartender to “slip a little extra in” or “make it strong”:
    Most bars measure shots. So in effect you are asking the bartender to risk their job just to save yourself a few dollars. Or, they may just charge you for a double.
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3. Keep It Moving

  • Once you’ve had a few drinks and if you feel that it’s time, pull up a site like and decide where to next. The idea for tonight is to maximize fun. You want to be ready, separate your next cover charge and put it in a different pocket. You don’t want to be in line at a bar and have other people see how much cash you have on you.
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4. Pace Yourself

  • As you’re having your fun, try not to get wasted. You don’t want the embarrassment of the bartender having to cut you off. And you certainly don’t want someone else having to call you a cab.
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5. Bar Hop, Not Bar Stop

  • You don’t want to be in that crowd of people who doesn’t leave till the bar closes. It’s a lot easier to get your rideshare or cab if you’re not competing with all of the other people leaving the same establishment. And if you don’t know the number for the cab companies in the city you’re in, has it listed at the bottom of each metro’s listing.

As you go out remember to be responsible and of course – Have Fun.